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Students will be expected to replace books at the replacement value should they lose, damage, or have them stolen. Credit cannot be given if your student returns a textbook which is checked out to another student. Students are responsible for the actual barcoded book checked out in their name. Note: A $10 processing charge is deducted from all refunds.
  • Inspect textbooks for damages during the first 30 days of school.
  • Cover textbooks.  Do not use contact paper!
  • Carrying drinks in the backpack is the #1 cause of damaged books.


Login & password information for online math can be obtained through your student's teacher.
  • Math
  • Several class sets are available in various classrooms. Wherever class sets are available, students may keep their issued books at home. Please be aware that due to budget constraints, we are unable to accommodate most requests for a second textbook. If we are unable to accommodate your request, please know that you can purchase a used textbook online.

    Note:  A doctor's note does not guarantee a 2nd set.

    6th Grade: Students will be informed as to which books can be left at home.
    7th & 8th Grade: Students will be able to keep their social studies, literature, and science textbooks at home because class sets are available in their classrooms.