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TPMS English/Language Arts Teachers:
  • 6th grade: Ms. Black, Mrs. Crow, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Laborin
  • 7th grade: Mrs. Tudor, Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Shewmaker
  • 8th grade: Mrs. Daher, Mrs. Shewmaker, Mrs. Singer-Gallouzi





In 6th grade, we pride ourselves in supporting students as they transition to middle school as we practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening together. In alignment with Common Core State Standards, students learn and practice narrative, argument, and expository writing throughout the year using a variety of novels, short stories, and articles according to need. By the end of the course, our goal is for students to feel an increased sense of confidence in their identities as readers and writers, capable of challenging themselves to use supports and strategies that they will carry throughout middle school and beyond. 



Through dynamic reading and engaging writing activities, students will hone their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and creativity. Delve into a variety of literary genres, analyzing texts for themes, character development, and literary devices. Enhance vocabulary and grammar proficiency while crafting compelling essays, stories, and poems. Collaborative projects will foster teamwork and presentation skills, nurturing confident and effective communicators. By the end of the course, students will have developed a deeper appreciation for literature and an empowered voice in their writing.


This course is taught across separate thematic units grounded in the CACSS Standards. Each unit will focus on a different topic or theme. Units are subject to change throughout the year to accommodate student need and schedule changes. Here are the skills we will focus on this year:

Writing: narrative, descriptive, argumentative, reflective, expository, creative

Reading: short stories, nonfiction, graphic novels, speeches, plays, independent reading

Speaking/ Listening: class discussions, partner and group discussions, class debates, mock trial, book clubs, presentations, podcasts, videos