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Counseling FAQs


Who are the Counselors of Twin Peaks MS and where are they located?
  • Mrs. Melissa Baskin is responsible for students who's last name begins with A-Le for academic, scheduling, and social concerns. You can contact her at 858.748.5131 extension 2813 or by email.
  • Mrs. Jami Jennings  is responsible for students who's last name begins with Li-Z for academic, scheduling, and social concerns.   You can contact her at 858.748.5131 extension 2814 or by email.
  • Mrs. Nicole Roman is responsible for academic, scheduling, and social concerns. You can contact her at 858.748.5131 extension 2801 or by email.
  • Counseling Assistant: Donna Myers, 858.748.5131 extension 2815.
  • Their offices are located in the Administration Building. 
What are some reasons to see a counselor?
  • There are many different reasons to see a counselor.  However, a student would regularly see a counselor if they are experiencing  academic difficulties, are going through some personal struggles, need some assistance in resolving conflict with peers, or would just like help in planning for college or a career.
What does “confidentiality” mean as it relates to a counseling session?
  • In a counseling session, confidentiality means that whatever is said in the session “stays in the session” with the people who were in the session.
What would be some reasons to break this “confidentiality?”
  • A counselor may need to share information with other staff, administrators, parents, or other community resources (police, CPS, social workers, etc.) if students mention things about them or others:
    • hurting oneself
    • hurting another person
    • destroying property
    • being involved in abuse
When can students see a Counselor?
  • The counselors at TPMS have an “open door” policy.  This means that if a student walks into a counselor’s office and that person is available, then the counselor would be more than happy to meet with that student at that time.
  • A student can meet with a counselor before school, after school, or during lunch.  However while in class, if a student is going through a crisis and needs to speak to a counselor that student will need to ask their teacher for permission to see a counselor.
  • Lastly, another way to see a counselor is to fill out a yellow “Counselor Appointment” slip and leave that with the Counseling Office.  When the counselor is available, the counselor will send a “call slip” to the student in class to come and speak with them.