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Academic Resources


Helping your child establish habits to complete homework assignments in a timely and appropriate manner is a challenge that many parents face.  Preparing yourself and your student for the time commitment and discipline required for successful homework completion will pay off in the long run with higher grades and overall academic success. 
Following are suggestions to help you and your child manage this area of responsibility.
Parent's motivation and support are the keys to a child's success in school.


  • Testing Assessments - Find information here about California and Poway Unified School District's various assessments. Testing Calendar
  • Encourage Independence and Responsibility - Help your student learn to keep track of assignments and due dates in their planner and on a master calendar.
  • Transitioning to Middle School - website for kids
  • Study Guides and Strategies - Need help with improving your study skills?  Search through the index in this link for a plethora of learning strategies.
  • Learning Styles Quiz. It's never too early to start thinking about the path to college. Look at these sites and start planning!
  • An informative link to the California State University admissions and application process:
  • Foster Good Student Habits - Provide a special place to do homework during a specific time frame each day.
  • Create New Friendships - Help your child foster new relationships by encouraging participation in clubs, sport teams, and social functions.
  • Learn to Self-Advocate - It's not too early to help your child learn to approach their teachers or counselor when they are struggling with an assignment or difficulty at school.
  • Prepare the Evening Before - Have a special "ready to go" place at home where backpacks, jackets, and lunch are ready to head out the door.  Choose an outfit to wear the next day to alleviate slow starts in the morning.
  • Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks - Students are able to concentrate in school if they have an ample diet of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
  • Enjoy the Experience - The Middle School Years will pass quickly; it's important to plan family outings and activities to help your student ease the transition and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.  Balance is the key!