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6th Grade Course Catalog for 2024-2025

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UPDATED 3/20/24


Students will be enrolled in 5 required courses -  English language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, and physical education.  Students attend Homeroom each day, opposite of lunch, which is a designated period of time for TPMStv, grade checks, sustained silent reading, academic support, and counseling presentations and workshops to support students social/emotional well-being.  



All students will have a total of 3 support and/or elective classes; All elective classes are year-long courses; students in “Wheel” classes will rotate each trimester.  Below is the list of elective offerings available to students in the 6th grade:




Academic Success

The Academic Success elective is designed to provide general support in core subjects such as reading, writing, and math. The class helps students develop essential study skills through whole-class lessons that focus on organization, time management with planners, an overview of Canvas, our academic platform, character development, and community building. The elective will provide students with a consistent place and time to work on their classwork and homework assignments from their academic classes while being supported by the Academic Success teacher and peer tutors.

Adventures in Reading 

This class focuses on supporting students in finding joy in reading through the exploration of different literary genres.  Throughout the course of the year, students will participate in monthly genre studies, wherein they will be encouraged to select a new book each month within that genre based on their own interest and reader level. Instruction focuses on giving students time to explore new types of books and share their reading with peers by creating monthly book projects based on their own books.  This course is designed for all levels of readers, but primarily intended for students who enjoy reading and want additional opportunities to read within the school day. 


AVID 6 is an elective to prepare our students with the tools of success for middle and high school, which in turn sets the foundation for their future advancement into college.  The mission of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is to close the opportunity gap by preparing ALL students for college readiness and success in a global society. The goal of the 6th grade AVID elective is to develop skills in the areas of focused note-taking, organization, study habits and leadership skills, time management, team building and college & career exploration. Application Required, Limited class size.
  • AVID Application LINKED HERE or Bitly:
  • AVID Flyer and Informational Video Link: Click HERE
  • 5th Grade AVID Information Meeting from 3/19 - Click HERE
Application and interview is required.  Class size is limited.


Band is a year-long performance class and is designed for the wind and percussion instrument student.  The band will play a variety of music and perform at school concerts and festivals.  Instruments include: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, sax, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion (drums/mallets).  Evening performances are required.

Broadcast Journalism - TPMS tv

Students in the broadcast journalism class (TPMS tv) will work in a collaborative environment to create a quality television program for the students at Twin Peaks.  Students will learn how to write, shoot, edit, and produce story segments.  This hands-on class provides students with a creative opportunity to develop their communication skills, learn time management and the fundamentals of broadcasting.
Click Here for the Broadcast Journalism Online Application 
Application is required.  Class size is limited.


This class cannot be taken with Wheel #2. This is a year-long elective that provides students an opportunity to participate in improvisational reader’s theater, pantomimes, scene work and monologues. After learning the basics, students are cast in a fully produced play and will be expected to memorize their parts. Drama students have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent for other students and parents/guardians during this live performance.  This class requires participation in a Saturday performance.

History Detectives

Do you LOVE history? Are you interested in learning more about ancient civilizations and the geography that goes with it? Then this is the course for you!  This year-long elective class is a companion to the 6th grade Social Studies curriculum. Students will engage in interactive lessons that extend student's understanding and interest in ancient history by focusing on a different ancient civilization each trimester.

Math Mania

This class cannot be taken with Wheel #3. This math elective is designed for 6th grade students who wish to analyze and solve challenging mathematics problems that enrich and extend the standards taught in Common Core Math 6. Through this course you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into a variety of math topics through project-based learning and extension activities.  This year-long elective is designed for students who are passionate about mathematics and have a drive to extend their math knowledge.  Students will utilize both print and digital sources as well as work individually and collaboratively to engage in rich math discourse. Some activities include math tiling (a variety of concepts) , scale models (ratios), Fantasy Baseball (ratios and percents), Dream School/Dream Room (2D geometry), probability and much more.


This course provides students an opportunity to play a stringed instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) and perform as a group in the school orchestra. Regular practice at home is essential in order to attain the skill level necessary to contribute to the orchestra’s performance.  Evening performances are required.

6th Grade PE Academy

An advanced PE class that focuses on competitive team sports, personal fitness, and weight training. Students in the PE Academy should exemplify good sportsmanship and positive behavior.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

This course is designed for native speakers of Spanish or Dual Immersion students who wish to deepen their understanding and mastery of the language. Through a variety of practical and theoretical activities, students will explore advanced aspects of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and Spanish literature. The emphasis will be on developing both written and oral communication skills, as well as understanding and analyzing authentic texts. PREREQUISITE REQUIRED: Native Spanish Speaker or Dual Immersion Student


This class cannot be taken with Wheel #3. This year-long elective has 3 modules:

  • Engineering Design: Hands-on STEM designed to introduce students to basic engineering design and modeling concepts.
  • Introductory Computer Science: Students learn problem-solving and use creative expression as they work to create and share content on their very own web pages.
  • Intro to Robotics:  Working in teams students will build and program a LEGO robot that navigates the missions of a robot game.

Wheel 1

This elective will allow students to explore three different subjects, each for a period of 12-weeks. Subjects in this wheel include Art, Music Appreciation, and Intro to Digital Media (Video Production):

  • Art:  In this strand of the Wheel, students will be introduced to fundamental Art practices, like the creative process, experimenting with new mediums, and learning about different artists and art movements. In this hands-on environment, they'll develop their creativity and artistic style, and will be better prepared to take Art in 7th and 8th grade.  
  • Music Appreciation: The Music Appreciation elective will introduce students to the history of music from the most primitive surviving examples to the most common and current genres (Classical, Jazz, Rock, blues, Pop ,etc.) of music while developing listening skills.  We will study how music works and how it affects our daily lives. Students will also acquire skills to understand basic music, notation, theory, terminology , instrument families, rhythm patterns and sound production.  All instructional materials will be provided.
  • Intro to Digital Media:  This class introduces students to the fundamentals of video production. In this introductory course, students will learn the basics on how to create a storyboard, write a script and learn camera techniques such as: zooming, panning, tilt, camera angles, and the rule of thirds.  Students will develop a basic understanding of proper lighting techniques and be able to select the appropriate audio equipment to achieve the best sound quality.   Students will learn how to use WeVideo Pro editing software to edit their video clips.  During the post-production stage, students will understand how to edit video clips by adding voice overs, music and text to their videos.  This class is a great opportunity for any 6th grade student who wants to learn how to make quality videos.  

Wheel 2

This wheel cannot be taken with Drama. This elective wheel allows students to explore three different subjects, each for a period of 12-weeks. Subjects in this wheel include Exploring Spanish, STEM Lab, and Leadership. 

  • Exploring Spanish: Students will be introduced to the Spanish language and culture as they learn to speak, understand and read basic phrases and expressions through project based learning. Major topics include greetings, clothing, family, and food. From this experience students may wish to enroll in more comprehensive foreign language course work. 
  • Drama: This trimester elective introduces students to the drama/theater experience by focusing on building student self-confidence, creative expression, and cooperative learning. This is a performance-based class where students will build on basic acting skills.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of drama activities, such as: monologues, character analysis, improvisation, and scene work.
  • Leadership:  In this course, students get an introduction to the skills required to be a positive influence on our campus. Through a variety of interactive individual and group projects, students will learn organization, goal setting, and time management skills that will help them be successful as middle school learners. They will also develop listening skills, build empathy, and begin to see their role as leaders to their peers as they explore ways to make school a place where all students can be successful and find joy.

Wheel 3

This wheel cannot be taken with the STEM Lab or Math Mania. This elective wheel will allow students to explore three different subjects, each for a period of 12-weeks. Subjects in this wheel include Science Alive!, Math Studio, and Tech and Design Lab. 

  • Science Alive!: This elective will introduce 6th grade students to the scientific method and then teach them how to use all the tools of a scientist (graduated cylinder, triple beam balance, microscope, ect). It will also teach students how to write like a scientist (hypothesis, claim, evidence, reasoning).   
  • Math Studio:  Step Up to Middle School Math is an elective support course for students in Common Core Math 6 that is taken concurrently with their grade-level math course. It is designed to reinforce the concepts being taught in the Common Core Math 6 class. The course provides some remediation for gaps in students' learning, front loads/reviews crucial concepts, and provides parallel lessons to build prerequisite and grade level skills. Students will have the opportunity of additional practice of concepts with those taught concurrently in the Common Core Math 6 course.
  • Tech and Design Lab:  Hands-on STEM activities designed to introduce students to basic engineering design and modeling concepts.


Yearbook students learn and work collaboratively using digital cameras, photo editing software and online design software to digitally produce a yearbook. Students learn and use writing skills, communication skills, and creativity to tell the story of our school year in an engaging way. In this college and career-ready course, students think critically to meet deadlines and track goals. 
Click or copy and paste into your browser.  Application is required. Class size is limited.